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The Skin W1® Story

Skin W1® is designed to support skin health, in particular collagen production. Dr Rabia Malik worked for over three years to extensively research and develop Skin W1®. The products are formulated with clinically proven percentages of key active ingredients to deliver powerful results. The active ingredients used in Skin W1® products are not typically found in retail products, which sets the range apart as a highly effective line for customers seeking performance- led products.

I didn’t want to create a product range focusing on actives already on the market. I wanted to focus on something innovative and new – something we know delivers results.” – Dr. Rabia Malik

Skin W1® focuses on a copper acid complex that studies have shown delivers visible results. Results have shown that this complex reduces wrinkle depth and increases skin firmness in as little as two weeks of daily use.

I have worked with these active ingredients in clinic for years, and I wanted to bring these powerful results to clients at home.

Dr Malik is dedicated to bringing products that give consumers an opportunity to experience clinic-like benefits at home, as well as to support and prolong in-clinic treatments as aftercare.

The Packaging:

As you can see with the packaging, I have worked really hard to avoid plastic and minimise waste. I didn’t want to add unnecessary plastic to the environment

At Skin W1®, we have carefully considered how the products will be used and packaged. The outer components can be used to store the product when travelling or repurposed as a makeup brush holder.