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welcome to skin w1®

Rejuvenating Mask Kit

Healthy skin starts with Skin W1®

Developed by Dr Rabia Malik, Skin W1 is designed to fortify the skin’s collagen synthesis. Youthful, healthy and balanced skin is at the forefront of Skin W1’s mission.

Why Stimulate Collagen?

Collagen levels begin to decline from the mid 20s onwards. Supporting the skin’s collagen leads to a younger-looking, healthy and radiant complexion.

Facial products that actually work and where you see a visible difference in your skin after consistent use. I feel lucky to have found this range to keep my skin looking young and radiant.

Marianne B

“Dr Rabia has created a really beautiful and concise range. It is uncomplicated but delivers a real punch in terms of efficacy, this is absolutely what I would expect from Dr Rabia Malik and equally this is what the Harrods beauty customer expects in a skincare product.” Imogen continues “for me the hero product is the moisturiser. For such a lightweight, highly absorbable texture it was impressive to see the hydration it delivered”.

Imogen Porter, Beauty Buying Manager at Harrods

The collagen stimulating moisturiser from Skin W1® surpassed all of my expectations. Within a week of use my skin was glowing! My complexion has a tendency to look dull but this cream was a game changer for me- transforming my large pores and pigmentation and giving me skin which looked healthier and clear. Thank you Rabia !

Joie R